A Little History About Bill's Awnings & Construction Co.

Our Past

Bill’s Awnings & Construction Co is a general contracting company that is the leading shade and awning construction company in the sunny state of Arizona. With over 49 years of undeniable experience, the service technicians here at Bill’s Awnings & Construction Co are certified in all aspects of shade, awning and construction services and are dedicated to providing customers with superb comfort in this sunny state!

Our Present

The service technicians at Bill’s Awnings & Construction Co are certified and committed to providing our local customers with unsurpassable services. We proudly offer a vast variety of services including awning installations, awning repairs, awning upgrades, awning replacements, sun screen installations, sun screen repairs, sun screen replacements, sun screen upgrades, roof installations, roof repairs, roof replacements, roof upgrades, re-roofing, property additions, construction services, deck construction, patio construction, mobile home repairs, mobile home skirts, mobile home stairs, mobile home steps, and much more!

Our Future

At Bill’s Awnings & Construction Co, our mission is to provide our local customers with the highest quality of services and overall comfort available in the state of Arizona. We are the leading shade, awning and construction specialists in Arizona providing our customers with exceptional customer service and adequate construction, awning and shading services as well. With over 49 years of earned experience, our staff of service technicians have become experts when it comes to comfort and efficiency. At Bill’s Awnings & Construction Co, we are not only experienced, but proven, diverse and dedicated to quality and our customers overall comfort.